Monday, December 6, 2010

Author, DeeDee Fox, meets young girl who was inspiration for The Ruby Red Slippers

The book, The Ruby Red Slippers, by DeeDee Fox, was inspired by a true story in which a little girl outgrew her very special sparkly red shoes.  In real life, the little girl's name is Madison Isham.  After growing out of her shoes, Madison gave them to her friend, Tatum MacLachlan, (the author's niece). 

While the story has been changed somewhat, the message which inspired the book, The Ruby Red Slippers, remains: When you share with others, good things come back to you.

Recently, the author had the opportunity to visit Bonsall Elementary School, in Bonsall, California, where she met Madison Isham for the first time. 

Author, DeeDee Fox, with her niece,Tatum MacLachlan, (left) and Madison Isham (right)

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